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A Letter to the would be wife

She was a young fair lady as cheerful as the sun…as beautiful as the moon. The beauty of her tenderness was hidden in her bun. The golden necklace dangled gracefully onn her. The red dupatta hugged her curves. The golden veil hung infront of her eyes, saying a  lot without uttering a single word. Mehendi… Continue reading A Letter to the would be wife


Till death do us apart…

“It hurts so much. I loved you with all my capacity and strength. But What’s new! You won’t understand how it feels to be taken for granted, to be dedicated towards someone so much that you forget your own sense of being, your self-respect, your self-worth, your self-confidence. The pain is immense, its unbearable. Thank… Continue reading Till death do us apart…

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Now That You’re Gone…

"Don't cry when the sun is gone because the tears won't let you see the stars." -Violeta Para Breaking up is never easy. Letting go  the one you love — especially after weeks, months or even years of accumulating  treasured memories — can feel like tearing yourself in two. It is rightly said – ‘The… Continue reading Now That You’re Gone…

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The Veronica Park

When love comes ,you will stumble upon the barricades behind which you have intermittently wept and signaled barely concealed Fuck Yous feigning contempt for the stuff believing your time has passed. 6 years back, I was going to watch the enthralling basketball match between our college and ABS College’s team. I was so excited for the… Continue reading The Veronica Park

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Should I tell her?

Everything that has a beginning has an end.Make your peace with that and all will be well… I was getting ready for his farewell. Thoughts were clicking his minds with spontaneous flashbacks of memories… Walking the same road which I was passing for the last three years. Maybe it was the feeling which everyone gets… Continue reading Should I tell her?